Monday, February 4, 2008


I'm still coming down off the high of Super Sunday (Whoo hooo!!!!), and now I'm supposed to decide for whom to root on Tuesday!? Everyone says Obama will win Illinois, which I suppose is likely enough. I'm fairly convinced that either he or Clinton would make a fine president--though I am unimpressed by Hillary's pro-war record (the last time I heard a Democratic presidential candidate say something truly intelligent about the war was during the '04 election when, in a private interview, John Kerry said, "I wouldn't have voted for the war if I had known George Bush would f*** it up so badly." Oh, and John Murtha's been on the ball all the way through. Other than that, they're all full of it in one way or another).

So I could vote in the Republican primary. I like McCain, but whether he will be able to get out of the institutional restrictions of the Republican party and take action in the directions for which the Republicans claim to stand is a big question mark, and one that I am utterly unable to answer in the affirmative. I'd have been willing to give him a shot eight years ago, but probably not this time around.

I could vote for Huckabee or Romney, in the likelihood that either of them is fairly unelectable nationally. But that's like nominating a joke candidate for Senior Patrol Leader in the Boy Scouts, or student council president: the dude might get elected.

But there is another option:

Hey, I'm a peacenik libertarian! (And besides, I could continue my habit of voting for third parties/philosophically consistent and politically incapable candidates!)

The song is by one of our students, who writes:
For those of you who don't know: walking back from the last day of Kangeiko, I thought up a song about Dr. Ron Paul, Congressman from Texas, seeking the Republican nomination for the Presidency. It's not a pro-Ron Paul song, but I'd like to think that it's not entirely anti-Ron Paul either (though it probably is).

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