Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

This is time sensitive, so I'm not going to rewrite; I'm just going to quote an email I received this morning.
Today, I would like to share something important with you. Several months ago it came to my attention that this day, April 8th, is none other than Draw a Picture of a Bird Day. Please join me in embracing this ridiculous holiday by (you guessed it) taking some time out of your day to draw a picture of a bird. I encourage you to do this whenever you please... over breakfast, in class, while walking across the Midway, during naptime, really your options are as wide open as the soon-to-be bird-filled sky!


Jennifer said...

Does it have to be a good one?

edjones said...

Your drawing skill is NOT REQUIRED!! DABDay is ONLY about spreading happiness and fun by drawing birds!