Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nice fenders...

Here's a little project for y'all. Get your hands on some SKS fenders (the P45s are good if you're running wider tires, up to about 35 mm; the P35s if you're going a little smaller). They come in boring black or a pretty spiffy silver, with black and clear stripes.

The SKSs have nice mounting hardware: double struts and a pop-out mounting so that if road detritus gets stuck between your fender and tire you don't come to a screeching, ass-over-teakettle halt.

But you want your fenders to be a little different; you want to add some color to a black and silver bike. So you get your hands on a can of Krylon plastic spray paint and some masking tape, et voila. Oh, note that we masked the inside of the fenders when we sprayed so that the clear stayed clear. Come to think of it, it's possible that if you didn't mask the inside you'd get a very subtle stripe of color through the clear stripes, and if you wanted to be really really subtle you could leave the outside silver and just paint the inside

They're going on my Dad's black Raleigh and I think they'll look sharp.


Philip Williamson said...

I painted my Quickbeam fenders green, and only masked the rivets and little plastic logo.
I think your stripe looks really sharp. Nice color, too!
The paint (Plastikote) holds up okay. Better on the front than the rear, where there's some checking.

The Village Scribe said...

Those are wicked swanky fenders! I'm inspired. I'll keep pondering and see what I can come up with in this vein for my next project.