Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Accidental Haiku

The New York Times has gone and created a haiku-generator—no, it's a haiku-discoverer, pulling haiku-meter quotes from NYT articles. It's based ultimately on an open-source Python program, written by Jonathan Feinberg. I grabbed the code and tackled my sent email from the past few months. Here are the (better among the) results:

I may ask for house
    keys later but we'll see how
the day is going.

The other issue
    is one of length -- and this could
be a bit tricky.

Save your work often,
    you know how reliable
your computer is.

I think m4m
    is a little too oblique
for a subtitle.

Hope you celebrate
    with champagne and foie gras, or
some facsimile.

And, as expected,
    the Terman and Kinsey books
are totally cool.

I should start to look
    at those if I'm sending it all
in less than two weeks.

They are not stylists,
    but their writing is clearly

Do you want to hang
    out with daddy more because
he is not as brown? 

Then they went and moved
    the whole thing to Las Vegas,
ruining our plan.

Just took a skim-look.
    I think this is a good plan.
But not a good goal.

This is, however,
    putting some parts of the cart
before the horses.

She has published two
    dozen journal articles
in addition. Bored?

Yup, that's it! The back-door
    one has been clicking away
since February.

Or is discretion
    dictating another day
in prone position?

Is there anything
    additional coming, or should
I just remove that?

Ponder what you might
    do with a few extra hands
for a long work day.

It is hard to lift
    out the title embedded
in the lighter text.

As a grad student,
    you're managing one big project,
the dissertation.

So I got involved
    in the 'keeping the author
happy' end of things.

You can tell her, too,
    that we're processing the second
half of her advance.

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