Wednesday, September 19, 2007

100 Boxes!

And we finally found the remote control to the television as well. Bat Jr. had stashed it in her closet (she loves things with buttons).
Without the remote, we'd had to watch Blues Brothers on the house lounge television on Monday night, and it really made the benefits of surround sound and subwoofers (which we have in the living room, but not the lounge) obvious. I'm tempted to watch it again; no, listen to it, just for the music.
  • Still missing: one box of scarves.
  • Thrown out: two garbage bags full.
  • To be donated: two garbage bags (so far).
  • To be sold/given away/etc.: one box books (duplicates, textbooks), the old shelves we had our plants and TV on, various unused cookware, a couple of bicycles.
  • Lent: dining room set.
The decraptification of our lives continues.

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