Wednesday, September 26, 2007


It was Bat Jr.'s babysitter's birthday yesterday (her seven-year-old son greeted Dr. Fledermaus in the afternoon with, "It's my mom's birthday!!! Wha'd'j'ou get 'er?"), so we stopped at one of the bakery/cafes in the neighborhood (Bonjour) this morning to bring her something celebratory, and I made the mistake of getting decaf while we enjoyed our pastries and Bat Jr. yelled at the pigeons. "BIRD!!! BIRD!!!" This teaching social norms thing is difficult. You can't say "Use your inside voice," because you're outside. And people laugh when we say things like, "Use your deli counter voice."

OK, mostly we just say, "A bit quieter, please," and Bat Jr., says "Yes, dear parent, I understand completely the appropriate volume, tone, and projection expectations for this situation." Or, "BIRD!!!!"

To pick up the story, however, when we got to the apartment, I realized I'd forgotten the keys to get into the lobby, so we pushed the buzzer.
"Hello?" came through the speaker.
"Hi! It'"

Yes, I had forgotten my own name.

I need to get more sleep.

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