Monday, November 17, 2008

Cyclocross update.....

I know what you're thinking--"why no race reports? You have been racing, right, Dingbat?"

Well, I missed two weeks, one due to travel and one due to ill-health but the other reason is simpler. I've been terrible. Slow. Feeling like someone's adding glue to my tires when I'm not looking. Looking back a lap or two in to make sure I didn't somehow forget to unhitch the trailer. That is, when I'm not looking back to see who's blowing by me this time.

And extra-frustrated when Nemesis (the quy who outsprinted me in JP, and whom I beat in Hawthorne Woods) is third place overall in the series.

I think, though, I can boil it down to two factors: One, umm, cardio fitness. I'm just not riding enough. Two: I'm not eating enough on race day. Breakfast followed by fruit and fruit juices is not enough fuel in the tank, which is why I'm able to go go go for a lap and a half and then--bonk. On the grass, it's not as dramatic as on pavement, so it took me a little while to figure out.

Anyhow, I had fun in Lansing yesterday; there was a sandpit and I had a blast sprinting to catch a guy at the finish line. I wasn't until I'd gasped my way around the course that I realized that I hadn't caught him so much as lapped him at the line. But I held off the guy who was on my lap, which is a satisfaction. The important thing is that I got excited to train again after putting my finger on the big factors in declining performance.

Read Joe's race report for something a little more inspiring. Or Michael Barry's fun (if perhaps occasionally overwrought) recent article in the Times.

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trim w/ hate; ease w/ love said...

what time do you normally eat breakfast? it's advised to eat a meal w/ most of your nutritional needs 3/4 hours before your gun. for me that means waking up and waiting sometimes 2 hours for breakfast, then a gel 1hr out. then only fluids till the gun. i would suggest eating a small enough breakfast that'll allow you to be really hungry for a meal by 11am/noon. then have a gel anytime you feel comfortable (anywhere from1hr out to on the line)

i also mind consumption of dairy, ctric/acidy fruits and caffiene, but it seems like you don't have 'digestive' troubles racing but you bonk, so...