Thursday, March 20, 2008

..or Snow!

The ride tonight is on, the usual place (Powell's) at the usual time (9:30). The snow isn't supposed to start until after midnight, anyway.


Eric Allix Rogers said...

I should be there. It's so sunny out now, it's hard to fathom that there could be 6" of snow by tomorrow.

Incidentally, I followed the link in your post to the discussion board on the Google Group. I didn't realize there was a discussion board, as I haven't been getting emails when people post on it...did I do something wrong, or is anyone else not getting emails?

Dingbat said...

The discussion board is the same as the email list, at least I think that's the default setup. I'm logged into Google with my work ID now, and I'm in hpcc with my personal ID or I'd look deeper into it. Maybe tomorrow.

Jennifer said...

I've got my parka today, will I slow everyone down?

(Also, I occasionally have all kinds of problems with Google anything.)