Monday, March 10, 2008


Yes, this is another biking post. Biking's on people's minds nowadays. There's a new club (click "Readme" above the photo--and bonus points if you can name the location of the photo--it took me a minute or two) in town, a big-tent club with all sorts of foci. And not ten hours before that announcement I was thinking, "shoot, I can't make the morning rides with the bike club or the bike shop; how about some evening rides? I'll invite some people!"

So the spirit of the time is not in cycling, I think, but in biking together. I won't even try to throw out ideas why (tempting as it is), merely post the invitation here: Tuesdays and Thursdays, we'll meet at Powell's at 9:30 and bike for about two hours. In an eerie parallel to the morning coffee rides, we'll aim to bike to Handlebar, have a pint, and head back. Am I forgetting anything? Let me know in the comments.

EDIT: the default destination will be The Other Side, 2434 N. Clark. Take the Lake Front Path to Fullerton, ride west about four blocks to Clark, turn right (north) on Clark, and it's half a block up on the left.


Jennifer said...

There are morning coffee rides? What else happens during this "morning" you speak of? *hoot-hoot*

Seriously, what's going on or is about to? I'm dying of boredom, and yet there are social rides all the time? Or is this new? Or seasonal?

Eric Allix Rogers said...

The picture is, I think, a close-up of a bike parked next to the Pomodoro sculpture at 58th and Ellis.

So this is every Tuesday and Thursday night at 9:30? As in, PM? Just to be sure...

Dingbat said...

Jennifer -- yes! Check Tati's "about" page and scroll down to "Group Rides." 7:00 AM's, several days a week.

Eric -- yes! "Grande Disco" It looks like a building off the set of Brazil in the photo, though, doesn't it? And yes again, 9:30 PM, TuTh. Starting tonight!

Eric Allix Rogers said...

I'm going to try to make it tonight, if I can un-freak myself out about how little I accomplished today.

What's my prize? :-D